Harvest Fest

GPAC, and the Harvest Music Festival Committe Chairs, would like to thank everyone for their support and participation in this year’s Harvest Music Festival.  We would like to specifically thank the following who were critical to the success of this event: 


Thank you to the sponsors of our large raffle and online auction. Thank you to Fareway of Geneseo, Brad Toone of Hanford Insurance and Miller Trucking and Excavating, Inc who were the sponsors of the large raffle prizes. Every year business come through for GPAC to support our fundraiser.  GPAC is grateful for the support of our area small business.  During this very difficult time, our small businesses have been extremely generous in their donations to support our fine arts programs. For a complete list of our sponsors please visit our Thank You page.


Thank you to Pam Lowe, our Raffle Chair.  She spent countless hours contacting business for contributions and working with the auction website to create an online small raffle. Thank you to our Webmaster Jen Ulam for her tireless efforts in turning Harvest Festival into a virtual event. Thank you to Larry Lord for all of his efforts in creating the show you saw on Channel 50.  We are so fortunate to have such a talented light and sound engineer in our district.


We would like to thank Channel 50 and Keith Kennett for their willingness to broadcast this event to accommodate more participants.


Thank you to the Geneseo School district for their cooperation in working with GPAC in helping making the event happen.


Thank you to the Geneseo Schools choir and band directors, and their staff, for your hard work and dedication to provide the performance opportunities for the musicians and entrusting our committee in supporting your efforts.


Thank you to the musicians and peformers for sharing your fabulous talents and performances. All of the money raised helps supports your endeavors and programs and we wish you continued success.


Thank you to the families and community for participating and supporting our fundraising efforts. Your continued support of the Geneseo Fine Arts Program is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!! 

Watch the recorded video of our live 2020 Harvest Fest Talent Show put together by the talented Larry Lord by clicking here.

All winners of Large Raffle should have been notified by phone and of the auction should have notified by email about payment and/or pickup.  Please contact us on Facebook or at www.theartsofgeneseo@gmail.com with any questions.

Please click above to see all of generous sponsors and click on the links to see their websites.

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President: Jennifer Schmedding - gpac2003@gmail.com

Webmaster: Jennifer Ulam - theartsofgeneseo@gmail.com

PO Box 233    Geneseo, IL 61254

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